Q&A: Inspire Your Small Business Marketing with AI-Generated Content


Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a huge topic of conversation lately and it can be a powerful tool to help small businesses improve their marketing efforts. From graphics to analytics, it’s used all over the place! One of the biggest AI use cases is content generation.


We're taking the most popular questions from our latest webinar and expanding upon them so you can better understand how to incorporate AI into your marketing to ensure compelling content for your audience.



What is artificial intelligence and how do I use it in my marketing?

Artificial intelligence uses complex computer programs behind the scenes to automatically make decisions and complete tasks for you like generating content or messages.​ AI is continually learning to analyze data and provide you with better content.


So how do you use AI with marketing your business? Just like building out other parts of your marketing strategy, think about your goals. Then, consider the tasks which will need to be done in order to achieve those goals. Tasks like writing an email, creating a social post, or even sending a text to customers are all great places to start using AI to develop your messaging. Depending on the task, there are opportunities where AI can be included in the process. 

How is Constant Contact planning to integrate AI into accounts?

We’re already bringing the power of AI to our customers! Our built-in AI tools address your needs as a small business marketer. They are a great way to help you break through writer’s block or provide some inspiration when you are looking to promote a sale or maybe announce a new service. We have email content generators, a recommended subject line tool, and content generators for SMS marketing.


If you want to further strengthen the relationships you have with your audience, you can automate your marketing by creating an automated path. Simply put, depending on an action (or trigger) a contact or customer takes, they’ll be directed into their own customized “path” that will provide them with content or prompts which make the most sense to them. This is a great tool to consider if you use e-commerce!

Are there any legal implications?

At this time, copyright laws only cover content created by a human being. There may be some instances where work that contains AI-generated content is protected, which is why we always suggest editing the copy to make it your own. Infuse your brand voice and personality to make it sound like you and something your audience will respond to. 


We do expect rules and regulations on AI-generated content to evolve more in the future. So stay tuned!

Where do I find the AI Content generator?

If your account is currently enabled with the AI Content generator, it will be available on your dashboard home page when you log in. If you don't see it, check back soon as we are working to roll this out to all accounts.



Does the AI content generator learn what is being used in the account to improve its deliverables or does it span across all accounts?

Currently no for both, but we're continually developing our capabilities to provide better output.



How do I bring over the AI-generated content into a new campaign?

You can use the Copy text button within the generator to paste the generated text into your campaigns.



Can AI help me with creating subject lines?

First impressions are key and it’s no different in email marketing. Subject lines are one of the first things your contacts see in their inboxes and will greatly determine whether or not they open your email. Our recommended subject line tool scans the content of your email and suggests some subject lines that help to entice your audience to open your email. 

I’m receiving the same lines over and over again, like “Join us” or “We’re excited to announce…” Any way I can get something fresh?

With our AI content generator, you can click “Show me more options” to generate more content options. The AI tool is a developing technology and we want to hear what you think and how to improve. There is a space for you to give feedback so we can learn more.


There are ways to prevent this type of repeating content as the content you receive from AI is only as good as what you put into it. Your input must be as clear and descriptive as possible, right down to the tone of voice. This will help AI get as close to what you need as quickly as possible.

Does the AI tool generate content in other languages besides English?

Not at this time.



Can you use AI for social media to promote your business or grow your mailing list?

Absolutely. The best way would be to use an ad. You have two options when creating an ad: reach a broad audience or target those who are best suited to engage with the ad. Casting a large net may be beneficial if you’re not sure who could be interested in your business. However, this may not be the best use of your spending. AI comes into play when creating a targeted audience based on the demographics you select like age, gender, or location. You can go a step further by creating a lookalike audience where Facebook will find users who are more likely to be interested in your page because they share similar characteristics to your existing followers.



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