Q&A from "Create and Send Your Nonprofit’s Email Campaign in 15 Minutes or Less" Webinar


Are you ready to create an email campaign for your nonprofit? Once you’ve designed a reusable master template, it’s time to add content and send. With our easy-to-follow formula, you can be confident that your emails are focused with a clear call-to-action that help your organization reach its goals.


In this free, one hour webinar, we’ll show you:

  • A simple, persuasive formula for what to write in your email
  • How to design your call-to-action for best results
  • How to finalize and send your email campaign


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Resources mentioned during the webinar:

[Guide] Do More For Your Cause With Email Marketing





What could the click segmentation feature be used for?

Click segmentation is a tool that would be used to collect a list of contacts that are engaging with your email. Contacts that clicked on a link or button in your email will be automatically added to a list so you can reach out to them at a later time or even trigger an autoresponder to them.


Do you have stats on the best time(s) to send your Constant Contact emails?

We do! The best date and time to send an email varies based on your industry. Here is an article going over these best times.





Is there a way to personalize an email that goes out to all of my subscribers?

You can definitely personalize your emails! This can be done with a personalized greeting at the beginning of your email or even inserting contact details in the body of your email.


I noticed that some templates say “Hello {First Name}”. How can I accomplish that with my emails?

You can insert a customized hello with your contacts’ names through a greeting tag. Here are the steps on how to insert a greeting tag.


Can we embed a video so it plays in the email?

That’s a great question! At this time, embedding a video into your email is not a feature that is currently available. It is a feature request we are tracking feedback for. In the meantime, we suggest inserting videos through a video block. These videos will appear embedded in the inbox but will play externally in a different tab or window.


Do all accounts have the option to add a video or is it an additional paid feature?

Whether your account is under our Email or Email plus plan, you can add a video into your email campaigns! Click here to view the steps to add a video into your email.


How can you change the From Name in your email to an organization name?

You can change the From Name of your email while in the edit mode of your campaign. Clicking the Header section at the top of your email gives you a pop-up where you can make your change to the From Name. Click Save when you are finished so you can continue editing the rest of your email.


How do we include a place for the recipient to forward the email to another member?

At this time, a forwarding feature is not available in our third-generation editor.


Is there something we can do at this point to keep email providers from blocking the CC emails?

If your contact’s email client is blocking Constant Contact emails, we would suggest whitelisting Constant Contact in their security program. Your contacts can also add your sending email address to a safe sender list in their email client to help emails be delivered successfully to the inbox.


How does the ‘resend to non-openers’ feature work?

Our resend to non-openers is a new feature only available in the third-generation editor. This tool allows you to increase your engagement by automatically resending your email to non-openers with an updated subject line 3-7 days after the email has originally been sent.


Is there a way in Constant Contact to put text over an image or video?

While you cannot put text over a video, you can put text over an image! Images that have been uploaded to your Library have access to using our Adobe Creative SDK editing tools. One of the editing tools available is text. When you’re finished adding your text, you can save your edits and insert your new image into your campaign.





How can you easily move one name from a list to another list?
You can move individual contacts, a group of selected contacts, or even an entire list to a different list all in the Contacts tab of your account. Here are directions on how to do this.

If you have a contact in two lists and you select both lists to receive the email, will they get the email twice?

The good news is these contacts will not get your email twice. Constant Contact has safeguards in place to recognize contacts by their email address and prevent duplicate emails to be sent even if they’re on more than one selected list.


What is the difference between "Email Lists" and "Segments"?

The difference between email lists and segments is the filtering put in place for a segment. Segmenting your contacts allows you to create lists based on contact activity, list membership, and contact details. This allows you to create customized groups of your already existing lists to help better open rates and overall engagement with your emails.



Social Share


How do I schedule a campaign to be posted on Facebook?

You can schedule your campaign to post on Facebook through Social Share. Once your campaign is scheduled or sent, you can scroll down to the Social Share section and click Schedule Posts. This is where you can connect your Facebook page if it is not already synced. You can then select a date and time for your post, create content, select an image, and schedule your post to go out.





What are the fees for a Constant Contact account?

The fees for a Constant Contact account is based on a few different variables. Your monthly bill is a combination of the pricing plan you've selected, plus the number of active contacts in your account. You can even get a discount if you are a non-profit or if you prepay your account.  Please check out our pricing page for further information!





In the past when editing in Constant Contact I have only been successful in using one browser while on another it's very been very slow. What other browsers does Constant Contact support?

It’s possible Constant Contact can work in one browser and not another due to compatibility or even 3rd party plugins.  We always suggest trying a different browser or even a private/incognito window.  Here’s an article from our Help Center with more details on this.


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