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Online marketing presents opportunities for salons, spas, and other personal care services to get found, build relationships, and drive more appointment bookings. If you’re just getting started with online marketing or not seeing the results you’ve hoped for then this session is for you.


With our guest expert, John Hallberg, you’ll learn a smarter, more practical approach to getting the word out about your personal care services. From making sure your business is found, to building relationships, find out how to get the word out to the people who matter most online.


You’ll learn:

  • How people find you online
  • How to set yourself up for success
  • How it all comes together


John Hallberg is a beauty business expert and owner of During his career, he has held Marketing Director positions for large professional brands such as Wella, ghd, and OPI and helped thousands of professional care business owners grow their business. Today he teaches how to build your brand, market your business, and grow sales through his online education programs at


About the session

This webinar focused on online marketing strategies for personal care services, such as salons, spas, and barbershops. The session covered the importance of online marketing, the tools needed for successful online marketing, and how to navigate the world of online marketing.


Key speakers

- Stephanie French, Content Manager for Webinars, Constant Contact

- John Halberg, Beauty Business Expert and Owner,



The webinar covered the following topics:

- How people find businesses online

- The tools needed for online marketing

- Understanding search results

- The importance of having a mobile-responsive website

- The role of email marketing

- Using social media for business

- Utilizing business listings and review sites

- Creating helpful content

- The use of paid ads



Takeaway: Online marketing can help personal care services businesses reach more customers and get more bookings.


In the webinar, it was emphasized that online marketing is an opportunity for personal care services to increase their visibility and attract more customers. As noted, "we know that salons with a good online presence simply get more bookings... all of that really means that there is a real potential for you to do more business when you can get found online."


To successfully navigate online marketing, it was suggested to understand the different ways people can find your business online. As stated, "it's important to understand some of the different ways that people can find you online...after someone learns about your business...they're more likely to go out there and do a search for you online."


The webinar also highlighted the importance of having several online marketing tools such as a mobile responsive website, an email marketing tool, a primary social media channel, up-to-date business listings and reviews, and an easy way to create content. "We really want to help you to navigate the world of online marketing and be successful," it was said.


Takeaway: Personal care services businesses should focus on the fundamentals of online marketing before exploring paid ads.


The webinar stressed the importance of foundational elements in online marketing such as a mobile responsive website, email marketing, social media presence, business listings and reviews, and helpful content creation. It was advised, "don’t skip those first five elements and skip directly to running paid ads that’s really the foundation for driving people from an ad to let’s say book an appointment."


When it comes to paid ads, it was recommended to have a clear understanding of the fundamentals before investing in them. As explained, "if you don’t have some of these fundamentals in place that’s going to make your ROI (Return on Investment) so your return on investment that you’re putting behind your ads is going to be lower than if you have some of that prepared already to capture those people after after they after they see you and when they engage you have a good website where they understand your brand."


In terms of getting started with online marketing, it was suggested to focus on gaining visibility first. "I think it makes sense to start like working and getting that visibility and getting people to find the clients and to get clients online like really using the most effective methods there," it was said.


Takeaway: Content is key in reaching and engaging with audiences online.


The webinar emphasized the role of content in online marketing, explaining that "content is really what people search for, they consume it and it allows them to share it online with friends and family." It was suggested to start creating content on a blog, making it searchable and linking it back to other channels.


Specific advice was given on what to write about in a blog for a personal care services business. It was recommended to focus on questions your target audience has and the services you offer. As explained, "write about your services and write about variations of that service and how you did it on short hair versus long hair... if you can inspire, educate, or entertain these are things that people like that makes them want to look at your post and stay on your post and the algorithms see that."


Finally, the webinar suggested that businesses should pay attention to the reviews they're getting, as these can help build trust and credibility. As noted, "if you can try to provide assistance to those people and show other people who find that review that's negative that you do in fact care and you're trying to correct the situation, I think that can go a long way as well."


Insights surfaced

- Online marketing is an opportunity to get the word out about your personal care service.

- Salons with a good online presence get more bookings.

- It's vital to understand the different ways people can find your business online.

- A website is the center of all online marketing activities. It's important to have a mobile-responsive website and an email marketing tool.

- Social media channels are useful for interacting and engaging with people.

- Business listings and review sites provide social proof of your services and can help you get found in search results.

- Creating helpful content is key to driving traffic from search.

- Paid ads can help amplify your efforts once you've set up the five foundational elements of online marketing.





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