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Online marketing presents opportunities for trucking companies, livery services, airlines, and shipping or logistics firms to get found, build relationships, and drive more business.


If you’re just getting started with online marketing or not seeing the results you’ve hoped for, then this session is for you. With our guest expert, Arthur Rouse, you’ll learn a smarter, more practical approach to getting the word out about your transportation services. From making sure your business gets found to building relationships, find out how to get the word out to the people who matter most online.


You’ll learn:

  • How people find you online
  • How to set yourself up for success
  • How it all comes together


Arthur Rouse is the Owner of Digital Marketers Chicago, a boutique, full-service digital marketing agency based in Chicago with clients throughout the U.S. He has been immersed in digital marketing for over a decade and helps clients in the transportation industry and many other industries improve their websites, increase their website traffic, and grow their leads and revenue through proven search engine optimization and content marketing strategies. Arthur is passionate about helping small business owners succeed through world-class marketing programs, and believes that how easily a business can be found online is the primary key to success. Arthur holds a bachelor's degree in marketing from Loyola University Chicago and enjoys a variety of outdoor activities in his spare time.



Making Sense of Online Marketing for Transportation Services:


About the session


This was a webinar discussing online marketing for transportation services. The webinar aimed to provide insights on how to leverage online platforms and strategies to increase visibility and business for transportation companies.


Key speakers


- Stephanie French, Content Manager of Webinars, Constant Contact

- Arthur Rouse, Owner, Digital Marketers Chicago




The webinar covered the following topics:

- How online marketing can benefit transportation services

- The importance of a mobile responsive website

- The role of email marketing

- The use of social media for business promotion

- The significance of business listings and reviews

- The need for creating engaging content

- The impact of paid ads



Takeaway: Online marketing is a critical tool for the transportation services industry.


Growing a business in the transportation services industry relies heavily on online marketing. This is due to the increasing number of people using the internet to find and learn about businesses. Statistics show that 97% of people gather more information about a company online than from any other source. To fully capitalize on this, businesses should ensure that they are easily found online, especially on the first page of search results which is where 92% of searchers will make their selection.


Stephanie French, the Content Manager of Webinars at Constant Contact, stressed the importance of having a mobile responsive website. She suggested that it should be "created as a resource for potential and current customers." Furthermore, she highlighted the value of capturing email addresses from website visitors and generating regular and engaging content through email marketing.


Arthur Rouse, owner of Digital Marketers Chicago, emphasized the importance of social media for businesses in the transportation industry. He recommended starting with Facebook and Instagram as most people are on these platforms. He also stressed the significance of interacting and engaging with audiences on social media, rather than just posting content. He stated, “Social media every platform's a little different but... start logging into the tool and... upload images to Google business - a lot of it's really easy.”


Takeaway: Understanding how to optimize online presence is key to business growth.


In the webinar, guest expert Arthur Rouse discussed how businesses in the transportation industry can leverage online marketing tools to grow their business. He emphasized the importance of understanding how people find businesses online and how to set businesses up for success using foundational online marketing tools.


Arthur suggested businesses create a mobile responsive website, use an email marketing tool, maintain a primary social media channel, keep up-to-date business listings, and create content. He emphasized the importance of content creation, saying, “Google loves fresh content, so the more you can... write the content or you've got to run ads – those are really the best and the only ways to get people to your website.”


Arthur also stressed the importance of maintaining Google business listings. He said, “Google has placed a much higher weight with Google Business. So not only you want to be interacting with that profile, you want to be adding photos to that profile... Google's place a really higher priority on your search will be elevated if you interact more with Google business.”


Takeaway: Paid ads can amplify online marketing efforts and increase visibility.


Paid ads are another tool that businesses in the transportation industry can use to increase their visibility online. Arthur Rouse discussed the value of paid ads in Google and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. He explained that these ads allow businesses to reach their target audience directly and drive traffic to their website.


He advised businesses to start small and target their ads to the right audience. He stated, “Think of who your target market is, think of who you want to show that ad to. Because... Google or Facebook, they're going to spend the money. They're going to get the clicks to your website, but you want it to be web traffic that is more likely to email or call you about your services. So try to target those ads as much as you can.”


Arthur also discussed the importance of creating ads that are interesting and engaging for the audience. He said, “Post things that will be helpful for your customers or prospects, but also make sure you're following the checklist on how to optimize it to rank highly for if you write about nothing, you'll rank for nothing.”


Takeaway: Engaging with customers and collecting reviews is essential for businesses.


Collecting customer reviews and engaging with those reviews is an important aspect of online marketing for businesses in the transportation industry. These reviews help build trust with prospective customers and increase visibility in search engine results. Arthur Rouse emphasized the importance of engaging with reviews, both positive and negative, and keeping the information about the business updated on review sites.


“Always ask every customer for a review... Always respond to every review, most are hopefully going to be positive but whether it's positive or negative, always respond. And I'm talking mainly about most people are going to respond to a negative comment but even the positive ones,” said Arthur. He also stressed the importance of addressing negative reviews promptly and effectively, and making efforts to resolve the issue.


Apart from responding to reviews, Arthur also highlighted the importance of actively asking for reviews from customers. He said, “Always ask every customer for a review. Even if that may mean providing a small discount to get one… It's like money in the bank earning interest, get the reviews.”


Insights surfaced


- 97% of people learn more about a company online than anywhere else, and 92% of people searching on the internet will pick a business listed on the first page of search results.

- For online marketing, businesses should have a mobile responsive website, use an email marketing tool, have a primary social media channel, maintain up-to-date business listings, and create engaging content.

- Google My Business, Facebook and Yelp are important platforms for business listings and reviews.

- Regularly posting content on a business blog can improve search engine rankings.

- Paid ads on Google and social media platforms can amplify marketing efforts.




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