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When it comes to email marketing and ecommerce, winning means getting the right messages and products in front of the right people, at the right times. But that means digging deeper into your data and going beyond promo blasts sent to your entire contact list. It also means striking the right balance between sending too much and sending too little.


How do busy ecommerce sellers get it done and start adding more to their bottom line?


In this free one-hour webinar, you’ll learn how Constant Contact customer Delilah Home is overcoming challenges and winning in ecommerce. Join us to learn:

  • How they’ve grown their business
  • The marketing tools and strategies they use to sell more and reach more people
  • How they use A.I. technology to sell more with email marketing


About the session

The session was a discussion on how e-commerce businesses can succeed with email marketing. The discussion touched on the challenges e-commerce businesses face, the importance of data analysis, and the need for balance between sending too many and too few emails. The session also introduced Constant Contact's new email package, Ecommerce Pro, which uses artificial intelligence to predict customer preferences and automate email marketing.


Key speakers

- Dave Charest, Director of Content Marketing, Constant Contact

- Michael Tore, Founder and CEO, Delilah Home



The discussion covered the following points:

- The challenges of running an e-commerce business

- The importance of email marketing for e-commerce businesses

- The introduction of Constant Contact's Ecommerce Pro

- The growth of Delilah Home and its use of email marketing

- The benefits of outsourcing certain business functions



Takeaway: Embrace automation, focus on strengths, and provide excellent customer service


Michael Torre, the CEO of Delilah Home, highlighted the importance of automation in e-commerce, especially for small businesses where resources are often limited. By automating various aspects of his business, like supply chain processes and email marketing, he was able to focus more on his strengths and build the brand.


"Find the balance in what you're doing so you don't get burnt out...Outsource your weaknesses and focus on your strengths," said Torre. “It is a confidence level that you have in what you're doing… Outsourcing different areas and kind of outsourcing… increases your speed and efficiency.”


Torre also stressed the importance of customer service, stating that his main objective is to provide the best customer experience possible. He believes this not only builds trust with customers, but also drives business growth. “If you provide interesting content and the people that you're sending it to are interested in that, then they're gonna stay with you,” he said.


Takeaway: Use data to drive your marketing and sales strategies


Data analysis played a vital role in Delilah Home's marketing and sales strategy. Torre explained how he used data from his Shopify store and email marketing to predict what messages individual contacts should receive and automate the delivery process. This approach not only increased Delilah Home's sales but also improved customer engagement.


"AI process which ties into our Shopify platform really sort of take over and then it's just a matter of just your creativity of a plug-and-play type of email format campaign," said Torre. He also emphasized that the data analysis helped him understand his customers better, enabling him to target his marketing efforts accurately.


Torre also stressed the importance of monitoring and adapting to trends in the industry. "I stay on top of trends of what's happening business-wise... you gotta stay focused and say let's get to first base first and then we'll run to second base," he said.


Takeaway: Utilize multiple channels to drive traffic and conversions


Torre spoke about the need to utilize multiple channels to drive traffic and conversions. He mentioned the use of affiliate marketing, influencers, social media, email campaigns, Google Ads, Bing Pay-Per-Click campaigns, and press releases as different avenues that helped build Delilah Home's brand.


"The most lucrative retail promotion I’ve had is my email campaigns...because they instead of individual silos they all come together and help build that foundation for you," Torre said. This multi-channel approach not only increased brand visibility but also boosted sales.


Moreover, Torre highlighted the importance of giving customers a high-quality user experience, stating that it's crucial to make customers feel comfortable with the product they purchased so that they can become repeat customers.


Insights surfaced

- E-commerce businesses can benefit from email marketing by getting the right messages and products in front of the right people at the right times.

- Digging deeper into data and going beyond promotional blasts to the entire contact list can help in striking the right balance between sending too much and too little.

- Constant Contact's Ecommerce Pro uses artificial intelligence to predict customer preferences and automate email marketing.

- Building a strong business foundation and focusing on strengths while outsourcing weaknesses can lead to business growth.

- The most lucrative retail promotion for Delilah Home has been its email campaigns.


Key quotes

- "E-commerce is booming at the moment and whether you're just getting started or have been around for a while, we want to make sure that you're doing all that you can to get the most out of your business." - Dave Charest

- "Ecommerce Pro's AI technology does the busy work for you, automatically testing and choosing the best performing subject lines, email content, delivery times, product recommendations, and more." - Dave Charest

- "I'm up at almost 4:30 every single morning raring to go to work because I love what I do. It's building something. It's having that relationship with people that don't know our brand that's new to our brand and once they become a part of our family, they love it." - Michael Tore

- "I love the people [at Constant Contact]. At this stage in my life, it's about people who you work with that truly care, they're willing to help you out, they're willing to help you along your journey." - Michael Tore

- "The most lucrative retail promotion I've had is my email campaigns." - Michael Tore.


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