A good strategy for suspended emails?


I've read the knowledgebase & watched the videos, but I still am not sure what to do when it comes to Suspended emails. For example, I sent an email to 1200 people. 80 were bounced with 64 tagged as suspended. When an email is tagged as Suspended does that means that it kept bouncing and it's DOA? Or if I send another email and the email goes through, then it is active again? When does an email go from Suspended to blocked or invalid? How does that look in Constant Contact? I noticed Constant Contact has a category "Recommended for Remove." Should I remove those emails from my active list?

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Hello @LisaG21 ,


Suspended is a bounce type on our end. It means in the past when we've sent to that address - either for your account or someone else's - that contact has bounced as non-existent repeatedly by their network. Generally speaking, it's best to remove these bounce types, and they're one of the types included in our Recommended for Removal bounce category.


See our article on suspended bounces for more direct info, or our article on managing bounces for an overview of handling these.

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