Ability to Change an email within a few minutes

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Hi there,


I believe there should be an ability to alter an email within 5 minutes or so of sending it.

I accidentally kept an old date in the headliner of the email and am unable to change it.

A feature that would allow a quick edit or even a cancel-sending option would be extremely helpful. 



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Hello @SarahS90 ,


It was one of our most demanded requests going into the 3ge and CPE email builders that Send Now option actually send right away once the final confirmation is clicked, compared to the delay that the older 2ge builder used to have.


To avoid mistakes, it's highly advisable that you preview and test send your email, and consider test sending to others so additional eyes are on the campaign for proofreading and checking for errors. There's also several confirmations that take place before an email is sent right away.

William A
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