Add "print receipt" before leaving Events 2.0

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It would be helpful for our registrants (ticket holders in your "new" event language) to be able to print a formal PDF receipt via a "print receipt" button before they leave the registration portal, so they have verification for business purposes/reimbursement and don't have to wait for an email that may or may not arrive and is not in a printable form.


For instance, recently one of my events was not sending confirmation emails and I wasn't able to re-send the confirmation. I didn't even know until one of my clients emailed me asking for a receipt. This required me to send each one of my registrants (ticket holders) a personal email letting them know they were registered and acknowledging payment. In addition, since I no longer receive alerts, I was constantly logging-in on my laptop (because "events" aren't on your constant contact app) to update registration and send a personal email to each person.  This was not ideal AND also not appropriate for business purposes/reimbursement. 


Here you go, a completely new idea that was suggested by one of my clients after registering via 2.0!

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This is currently available by clicking View Tickets on the confirmation page after registering, as well as via the confirmation emails. 


Please see our article on treating tickets for events for step-by-step and visual guidance if needed.

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