Allow pasting of email addresses directly into an email campaign as recipients

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I'm coming over from , and they have a feature where you can paste or type in email addresses as a Pasted Segment as the recipients of your email campaign. Any addresses that aren't already in your audience are automatically removed. I really miss this feature -- I have a situation where I send out emails each week to only a segment of one of my lists, and it is a different segment each week (based on who is coming to a weekly event). It's going to be a real pain to have to create a new list each time, when all I have to do in is sort my Excel file to show who's coming, select and copy the list of addresses, and paste into the email campaign.

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For what you're trying to do, honestly it sounds like this would all be easily accomplished with the type/paste multiple method of importing, and then using either contact removal or segmentation to filter out these pasted contacts. You can also use tags for narrowing during the email scheduling, or as part of the segmentation calculation.

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Sorry about the breach, this is my first time posting.

No, that's not really what I'm looking for -- I need to be able to do this on individual email campaigns, and filtering by tags would mean I would have to add and remove tags to the contacts on a weekly basis, creating more work for me. I don't want to add contacts to a list, I just want to send particular ones an email without having to create a new list. Basically, I have 30 members of a group (list). Only some of them will be attending a weekly event on any given week, and I send out preparatory materials in advance based on who has RSVPed for that week.

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