Automation missing from MARKETING CAMPAIGNS Drop-Down / Birthday Emails

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A month ago, I setup automated Birthday E-mails that worked fine. But I want to see that automated programming – which I originated under "AUTOMATION" in the Marketing Campaigns drop-down menu, but it seems to have disappeared! There are no new videos that show where it might have moved to, or if it was merged with another operation that is under a different name. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hello @MarcusT777 ,


You can access your birthday automation through the My Campaigns page > Campaigns > Automation. Since the functionality of the Automation subtab is solely tied to the newer Automation Path Builder, which is only available for accounts under the 3 plan setup (Lite, Standard, Premium), this tab was removed from accounts that were on other older plan types (Email, Email Plus, Core, Plus).


If you'd like access to the APB, I'd advise checking out the features we have available on the current plan types, and what their pricing tiers are. You can convert your account over to one of the newer plan types through our Billing team

William A
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