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Our bounce rate jumped dramatically within the last several months. We went from a 24% to over 60% bounce rate. Looking closely at the list, we know several emails are valid within our organization (our IT states they are not blocked), and random domains are filtered out entirely, like Gmail addresses. Is anyone else having trouble like this?


I have tried calling Constant Contact twice and could never reach a person after spending over 30 minutes on hold each time. I even tried the chat option, but their access is limited, and they seem to be only able to give scripted responses.

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Hello @Commission ,


Here are some general best practices for delivery.


Delivery can have a lot of variables, from elements on our side, on your side, on the recipient's side, and in their email system company's side. It's also a generally good idea to set up additional authentication for your emails - particularly self-authentication since you have your own domain. Not having SA enabled is likely what is causing the majority of your delivery issues (including the higher bounce rates).


If you'd like to learn more about safelisting, and what it entails:


Safelisting domains in a security system


Safelisting email addresses in an email client or security system


If you're wanting more in-depth, specialized insight on your current deliverability, it'd be worth speaking with one of our Delivery agents.

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I just discovered today we are having a similar issue. Just since last week, emails within our own organization are bouncing. I will look at your response closer William and see if I have any luck, at lease within our own organization. Thank you.

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