Bounced as suspended but email correct

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I edit our newsletter and my husband is on our mailiong list. It recently came to my attention that he is not receiving the emails - his email is correct. When I dug a little deeper, all emails sent to him are listed as "Bounced as Suspended" The email is correct and I am concerned that this may be happening to others. Any thoughts? Sue

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Hello @Suerpt ,


Contact suspension occurs when our system receives multiple non-existent bounce backs from the contact's network, whether it was you or another customer of ours that was sending to them.


I'd recommend reading through our article on suspended bounces to understand how they happen, and what you can do to correct it. Ultimately, if you end up needing an administrative unsuspension, you'll want to reach out to our general support.


However if you're needing more than 10 addresses unsuspended at a time, then we strongly recommend you call our Deliverability team for the unsuspension. They'll want to investigate why so many valid email addresses would be getting bounced back to us as non-existent. 


See also:

Suspended Bounces FAQ

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