Can one ticket have option for online or in-person

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I would like our tickets to have the option to click either online or in-person. For example, we are offering classes that students can attend either online or in-person. Right now I have had to create 2 tickets for the same class, one for online and one for in-person. Our event has 5 classes, so that means I have to create 10 tickets for 5 classes. Is there a way to create one ticket per class and students have the option of choosing online or in-person by clicking a box when ordering?
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Hi @Ewam108. This can be done by following the steps outlined here:


Create a ticket for each class under Tickets, Add On, and Codes > set the registration form to collect information for each attendee > add a custom field (my suggestion would be "Location") with a single select radio button listing each attendance option. 


Caitlin M.
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