Cannot copy Events - Get Server Error

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We have been using CC Events feature for a while, but today, we are no longer able to copy events. When we try we get this error message:

Failed to copy this event due to a server error. Please try again.
WTHey.  Anybody know how to get around this? We do NOT want to go back to creating individual events.
Thanks for help in advance.
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Hello @CCLWV ,


I tested in your account, and found that it didn't seem to affect every event, just some in particular. You'll likely see some deleted "CSC_TEST" events in your Deleted campaigns area, which you can safely disregard since I was just testing the copying capabilities.


Our higher level technical team is going to investigate the issue further, and follow-up via email when they have an update. Since this appears like it may be a newer issue with specific events in your account, for now the only workaround I can provide is to either recreate those affected event campaigns from scratch, or to copy an event that isn't erroring, such as your most recent few Draft and Active ones.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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As I mentioned in my email reply, thank you for looking at this. These Events with this issue, have been copied previously from starter Events that we use as templates, so we know the copy function was working fine. All we typically do is update content, and leave the basic structure and functionality in the events, so why all of a sudden, some events can't be copied is not making sense. The error says it is a server error, and that is exactly what I think is the issue, the database is corrupting or failing in some way. It certainly is not due to any exotic things we are doing. AND, to go back to hand building these events will grow our time requirements by 500%, which is why we want to copy in the first place.

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