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I am trying to create a digital membership card that will be custom to each email that goes out.  Each email will have a different name and member number attached to it.  I have a blank card that I can insert into the email, but is there a way to overlay custom text so each new member gets their own "digital card" as part of the email?


Thanks so much!

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Hello @TraceyL06 ,


Unfortunately there's not really a way to overlay an image with coding to insert contact field info, since overlaying text on an image in the editor makes that text part of the image.


My suggestion would be to select a layout block with a simple border, and then insert contact details. This will help it stand out, and allow our system to edit the text at time of sendout with the contact's applicable info (name, membership number, etc.). 


According to our higher level technical team, this could be possible in the custom code editor, if you have experience building emails from HTML. However they do warn that it can get pretty complicated, and the coding upon receiving would require very Outlook-specific elements, meaning it might not work in other email clients (gmail, yahoo, etc.). Ultimately, the method I mentioned above is probably going to be your best bet.

William A
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