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Desktop vs. Mobile Open Percentage

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How are the the Desktop and Mobile Open Percentages calculated? In the Constant Contact analytics, we are above 90% of Desktop opens, but every other platform, such as website, issuu and social media, show that we are close to a 60-40 split. Constant Contact is the only one with high percentage towards Desktop. It doesn't seem accurate from what everything else is telling us about our followers. Thank you, 

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Hello @DobsonRanch1 ,


While a significant difference in desktop vs. mobile opens can be a result of an account's contacts demographics or even their industry, this may not always be the case. Mobile opens/clicks can sometimes be manipulated by the receiving network or email client/app's privacy functionalities, such as Apple's privacy protection.


It is something our devs are keeping an eye on, however we're ultimately beholden to what Apple, other email clients, and networks allow to be reported back to us for opens, clicks, etc. 

William A
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