Forward email campaigns from separate accounts

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I am looking for an efficient or maybe automated way to forward email campaigns between different Constant Contact accounts. Right now, I am using this account to create and send emails to my mailing lists. I want my colleagues to efficiently be able to use the emails that I've created on my account and send them to their own mailing lists.


Does anyone have a suggestion on how to go about doing this? In the past we have just simply sent each other the templates of the email campaigns, I'm wanting to make it easier/faster to encourage my co-workers to want to quickly forward the campaign. 



Thank you!

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Hello @AfPE ,


If you have a franchise, agency, or other business/org setup that may qualify for a Partner setup, then I'd advise looking into that. One of the perks of partner accounts, is the ability to transfer email templates they create to their child accounts at will.


Otherwise, the only other options would be using the custom code editor, then sending the finalized HTML to your colleagues. Or, you'd need to call our general support and request a paid campaign transfer opp to the other accounts.

William A
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