Help! My campaign says:Resend to Non-Openers is temporarily unavailable. Refresh page or reach out

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I have been working on a campaign all day. It won't let me continue or schedule send or send. It tells me "Resent to Non Openers Not Available" but, I did not select that. Help

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Hello @SouthActonChurch ,


Based on my and the higher level technical team's investigation, this email was likely corrupted or copied from a corrupted template. This can occur from campaign templates made / copied during a server outage, as well as from being too many generations of copied-copies deep. The only way to resolve this would be to rebuild the email from scratch. Trying to re-copy will just result in more corrupted copies. 


When you rebuild the template, I'd advise having a version of it that's mainly blank / filled with space for future edits, and saving that as a reusable template you can copy directly from going forward. 

William A
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