How do we "Exclude" multiple Segments and/or Lists on related emails? We have 100K+ contacts.

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I just read a Nov 2023 response to a customer with a similar question that indicated customers with more than 10K contacts can't use the Tag function to strategically "Exclude" (or suppress) contacts from special campaign emails. Is there a solution coming soon for customers who have well more than 10K contacts for suppressing email lists against each other? As has been stated by others, it didn't occur to me there might not be an option in Constant Contact for strategically "suppressing" lists since this is a basic standard operating procedure in all other email platforms I've used throughout my career. "Exclude/suppress" seems like a mission-critical function in several of our upcoming campaigns. If this can't be done we'll need to seriously re-plan. I'm new to marketing managing for a company that uses Constant Contact exclusively and hope I'm missing the function. Thanks for your guidance.

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Hello @LeahK48 ,


You'd need to utilize the segmentation tool to set up lists for contacts that meet the criteria you're looking for (List Membership > Not on List). 


With such a large amount of contacts, if there's technical limitations in our system then I'd also advise reaching out to our team dedicated for assisting with larger list management - segmentation, imports, etc. For more info on this team, what they can assist with, and how to contact them, please call general support or see this article

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