How do you build trust with your customers?


Trust is a building block of any solid relationship. And when it comes to being a small business owner, the relationships you nurture with your customers are incredibly important. Therefore, it’s beneficial to put effort into earning your customers’ trust.


In my personal experience, when I see a business engaging with customers online and responding to reviews - both positive and negative - it does a great deal in earning my trust. I know I can leave a review, and the business will take the time to read and respond. It acknowledges my worth as a customer, it creates a dialogue, and there’s a good chance I’ll be a repeat customer.


What initiatives do you take in order to build trust with your customers, and what seems to work well?

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When considering a purchase from a company, there are a few key factors that I always look for:


  1. Consistency: It's important for a company to consistently deliver on their promises and maintain a high level of quality in their products or services.

  2. Transparency: A company needs be upfront and honest with customers about their products, services, pricing, and policies.

  3. Honesty: Being honest and truthful in all dealings with customers is crucial. Avoiding exaggerations or false promises is key.

Failure in any one of these and my trust is shattered as I think any of my own customers would agree. Bye bye trust, bye bye customer.




@user0950 I think you've hit the nail on the head. All three of those are very important, particularly when you consider that interaction with businesses is happening more frequently online vs. face-to-face. If I'm purchasing a product or booking a service online, consistency, transparency, and honesty are crucial. Thank you for your input!


I agree with a lot of the sentiments already given in other comments, but I'll just add that I like to be personable. For example, when I'm sending out email campaigns, I try to include pictures, personal anecdotes, and signing off as myself not just the company. If you look at any of the big companies, you never really know who you're talking to or who you're going to get, and that's where I think small businesses can shine.


@user52265 I love this. And you're right - human connection is a vital part of building trust. I imagine your email campaigns are quite enjoyable to read!


And for any of our community users out there who are inspired to do the same, take a look at our article on creating a newsletter-style email. It's the perfect format for connecting with your customers. Provide updates on your business, get personal, or share some tips to show off your expertise! 


Thank you @user52265 for sharing!

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