Importing Contact Info to Edit Lists

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We use Lists to keep track of our Contacts’ annual membership status. For example, we have a 2023 list and a 2024 list. A contact who joined in 2023 is added to the 2023 list. When they renew for 2024, we want to add them to the 2024 list and also delete them from the 2023 list so we can see who hasn’t yet renewed. I can import a spreadsheet of 2024 renewals and add them to the 2024 list, but also want to be able to delete them from the 2023 list at the same time but haven’t found a way to do that. Suggestions?
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Hello @Naples_Bridge_Center ,


You can go into the 2024 list, click the top-most checkmark box to select-all the contacts, then click the Actions button at the top. Select the Remove from list option, and select the 2023 list to remove all contacts in the 2024 list from the 2023 one.


For step-by-step and visual guidance on this process, please see this article for removing contacts from lists. 

William A
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