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Need a musical Band template

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Are there templates geared toward sending out email blasts (campaigns) to announce our next band gig? Thanks, 



I am a bass player in a band.

I am working on gathering emails so that I can send news to our fans as to when and where our next gig will be.

I'm sure that someone has done this before.

Where do I find an example/template?

Thank you,


Hello @MickL30 ,


We don't really have any templates tagged for "band" or "performer." There's a couple general ones under the keywords "artist," "concert," or "music" that could work, but ultimately you may want to build your email from scratch to get closer to what your ultimate vision is for your gig announcement. Or, you could alternatively look at a more general "announcement" template.


If you'd like some pointers on design or some tips for getting started, I'd recommend following along with this article when you're creating your email. When you have the time, we also have a Getting Started guide (also available in video format). You're also welcome to call our general support so they can work 1:1 with you, and also screenshare while you're logged into your Constant Contact account.


You may also want to consider making a reusable template version of this campaign, and either add it to a folder on its own. That way you can easily find it to copy it for future editing and usage. You could also save it as a resuable template, that you can select on the template selection screen when creating a new email. Otherwise, you can also hire our designers to create a template for you based on your branding, as well as a higher level design service with significantly more customizability and capability for unique design elements.

William A
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