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My company and I help tort law firms locate unresponsive clients. I was speaking to a lawyer once that had been checking out my constant contact email campaigns and I told him “I see you’ve shown interest in my emails and I’d like to chat to see if we can be of service to you”. His response was “how do you know I’ve shown interest?” I said because you’ve been checking out the emails I’ve sent you”. He proceeded to tell me it’s illegal for me to see and know that he opened my emails. He threatened to go after me for that. Well he never did. But my question is does this lawyer have any basis for saying it’s illegal for me to see that he’s opened my emails?

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Hello @MitchM302 ,


No, otherwise the entirety of the email industry would collapse. Even if an organization (company, public, campaigns, NGO, etc.) is sending an email directly to you rather than through an ESP like us, they're likely using open and click tracking to better handle how you should be communicated with, what products/services you're interested in, or if you're even interested in receiving their content at all. I'd hazard a guess the lawyer you spoke with had a knee-jerk reaction, and just wanted to scare you off. If he was particularly concerned, he's welcome to unsubscribe from you or block your address.


If you're concerned about these sort of topics, you're welcome to check out our policies on these matters, such as:

You can also reach out to legal(at)constantcontact(dot)com if you'd like any more official wording / insight from them on this matter.

William A
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Thanks William. That really put my mind at ease. Much appreciated 

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