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Is there a way to adjust the padding within a text block (left and right, NOT top and bottom with spacers)? I have 3 columns and want all the text to align to the far left but it seems to choose its own spacing. I saw someone said use the Advanced Editor to change the code but I can't find the Advanced Editor either.

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Hello @SusanKL9 ,


Currently the way to do this would be to drag over spacer blocks, then make the side-columns with spacers as skinny as the system will allow.


spacer columns.png


However if you're working with multiple columns, this wouldn't really work. There isn't a precise side-padding functionality in the regular email builder at this time.


Based on your wording, the only thing that comes to mind is either a very old, outdated thread that might be referring to the long-dead second-generation editor (2GE) or event the 1GE builders that used to allow HTML access. If you're wanting to use HTML to fine-tune and build your emails, I'd recommend using the custom code editor.

William A
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