Recipients are receiving emails, but are unable to access links

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I have heard from several recipients that they are getting an error message when clicking links that are sent via Constant Contact, but if I send them the exact link I've inputted in my email via outlook, they are able to access. The link issue seems to arise when actually sent via constant contact. Any help or suggestions on how to fix this?

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Hello @FirstNameL188902 ,


Are they able to provide the exact error message they're receiving? Just based on your initial description, it sounds like it may be caused by an ad/pop-up blocker, VPN, browser extension, or some other network/security program erroneously blocking the click-track rewrite.


If this is the situation, it would result in an error page when affected contacts try to go to your link in the email, but not when you send them the original URL the rewrite is trying to redirect them to. The only real way to resolve this would be to safelist our domains in whatever program is causing the issue, and would be typically done on a case-by-case basis. 

William A
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