Starting Over With a Fresh Clean Constant Contact Databsae

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I am new to Constant Contact, so I started with a fresh, clean database. My website is made using Wix. I exported my contacts from my Wix website using the Wix Integration App. This was a big mistake. I deleted all the imported contacts so I showed 0 contacts. When I did an import from an Excel spreadsheet some of the contacts imported showed the source as "Wix" vs "Added by You". How can I delete all the history of the imported Wix contacts so that when I do my import from the Excel spreadsheet all the contacts show"Added by You" and not "Wix" as the Source? We are just starting, so if there is a way to delete the existing database and start with a fresh one, that would work for me. Thanks in advance for your help. Bob

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Hi @BobC753,


Thank you for reaching out. I reviewed your account and I see you were able to speak with someone from our advanced support team already to discuss this matter. The end result is there is not currently a way to change the source. I'm not sure of the technical limitations as to why, but would still be happy to track feedback on your account in case this is something that could be changed in the future.

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Thanks for checking!!!!!


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