Survey Responses Useless

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A number of the responses to our survey had clicks on ALL three options. It must be some automated system that checks and clicks on all links in our emails. We'd love to solve this problem. Otherwise the survey function of Constant Contact is of little use.

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Hello @DennisS45322 ,


Based on your emails, it looks like you're referring to a poll block, not a survey. If a contact has selected all poll options and clicked all links (and those clicks were all made at the literal same timestamp), then they are likely using a security program that "opens" emails and "clicks" links to check for malware.


Currently, the only workaround I can suggest for you would be to use the actual survey pages tool, and add the page's link to your emails, since those automated security systems won't be completing the actual surveys on the separate webpage. Surveys shared in emails are able to capture the contact's info for their survey submissions, so you can still match the contact to their response.


Or you'd need to simply remove contacts that are clearly using such a system, based on their open / click reporting for your emails.

William A
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