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System Issue

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When you click into a registrant's profile and then open the ticket details, once your are done, you used to click on the x to close out the ticket window and you were back in the registrants list.  


Now when you click on the x, it does nothing. You are stuck in this window. You have to close the browser window and re-log in.  


This has become such a cumbersome and time-wasting issue.  Can you please take a look and repair?


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Hello @Andres915 ,


When I checked your account's event registrants, as well as my own test ones, I had no issue viewing the individual registrants' orders and clicking the X to return to the event's reporting page. 


Does the issue occur in other browsers, or while using incognito/private browsing? Or is the issue occurring on other devices or networks for you? I'm wondering if a particular browser extension, ad/pop-up blocker, or something else might be interfering with the basic functions of the site. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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