Thought Starter: What are guidelines to follow when creating survey questions?


Are there any best practices I should observe when creating survey questions? What guidelines should I follow for maximum engagement?

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Here are things I always keep in mind when running a survey:


  • The length of the survey directly affects the overall volume of response.
  • The questions should be personalized and easy to navigate. 
  • Make the most important data "required" questions
  • Make them feel valued: include an extra question for open-ended feedback if applicable
  • Report the results of the survey as part of your marketing - the feedback loop is very interesting to your list, including the larger group who probably didn't take part in the survey


Remember this: Just sending a survey with honest questions and a desire for authentic feedback is an automatic win. The optics of showing you care and are willing to ask and listen builds fantastic rapport and sentiment with your audience.


Aaron Wesley Means

ACTIVATE Business Solutions

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Hi @VanessaM7330! Some best practices: 

  • Communicate the purpose of the survey to your customers/clients and why you want their feedback & how you will use it.
    For instance, we worked with a retail store that was only open from 9 AM to 5 PM. We conducted a brief, four-question survey informing customers that we wanted to understand their shopping preferences to determine if we should extend our hours to better accommodate them. Clearly communicating that their feedback would directly influence our decision on adjusting store hours was crucial in achieving a high response rate.
  • Limit the survey to a reasonable length of questions to avoid fatigue. 
  • Avoid including questions that serve no purpose in the end result.
  • Include a response deadline.
  • Offer incentives such as discounts, entry into a prize draw, or other rewards for completing the survey. Mention it at the beginning of the survey or in the survey invite.
  • Arrange questions in a logical sequence.
  • Group similar topics together to maintain a coherent flow.
  • Send friendly reminders to those who have not yet completed the survey. Use a subject line that creates urgency. 
  • When in doubt conduct a pilot test with a small group to identify any issues or ambiguities.


Lindsay Joy Higgins
L2L Creative Group
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