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I have noted some issues with the program. Some campaigns are not showing the same as before they are email to lists. Once the campaign enters the receiver's email and they click on the 3 dots to show the full campaign the display is somewhat different. Some of the font style and sizes are different from what was showing in when emailed. 


Are there new releases or updates for the program?


Thank you

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Hello @fumcoffice ,


Email clients' "view entire message" functionalities, like those found in Gmail and Outlook, will use their native program to essentially rewrite and display the email's coding, similar to how replies and forwards work. This can result in changes to formatting - such as fonts, colors, and overall layout - which we cannot control. 


I'd advise reaching out to the email client's support to see if they'd have insight on why their "view entire message" functionality would be changing elements of the email. Otherwise, you may need to make adjustments to your email to avoid this altogether:

William A
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