a.rs6.net Issue - Microsoft Edge Blocking my Website

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Is there a way to register the a.rs6.net link as "safe" with web browsers and other security software?


I ask because after sending an email to my customers today, I received several calls about my website being reported as "dangerous" and blocked. After some investigating, it seems like it's only blocked on Microsoft Edge from my constant contact custom landing page. 


Landing page link:  https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/cu/rLzwCrR/DawkinsDay3 


Redirect link:  https://a.rs6.net/1/pc?ep=a9661e01ae61e6bfeK--A8A2XclIQZsFaeRN9X6xuPEnI9Bxa1cNiVcrcRrYVok26YZsX57Zbk... 


Link Blocked on Bing:  Reported Unsafe Site: Navigation Blocked (dawkinsofficesupply.com)  (https://www.dawkinsofficesupply.com) 


After successfully testing the landing page and links on several other browsers, I suggested that my customers use those browsers instead. Most of them didn't want to open it again. They were worried about getting a virus or having personal info leaked due to a phishing scam. Several of my customers asked that I remove them from my email list as they cannot risk their business getting attacked by hackers or scammers. 

I tried explaining the issue arises when bots (not people) report the a.rs6.net link as malicious due to it being a trackable link, but my site is safe. They didn't want to hear it. Hopefully, this hasn't caused me to lose customers in the long run because they're scared to visit my site.  Please see the picture below for more info. I welcome your assistance and suggestions on how to fix or avoid this issue in the future.


Thank you, 


Site blocked - reported unsafeSite blocked - reported unsafe

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Hi Johnnie, I took a look at this issue.The link within the landing page would not have an effect on whether the website is listed as safe or not, that would be within either the Browser or security settings. Thank you for reaching out. If you need to speak with support directly, here are the contact numbers and hours. conta.cc/2BcQMt1

Amy Y.
Community & Social Media Support

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We have the exact problem, found when changing the link to our online shop from our landing page thankyou ... both the old and new links got the same result and are very different. 


this has nothing to do with links and everything to do with https://a.rs6.net.  when i hover mouse over button on thankyou screen it says:




we have baffling issue with google ads, claiming we are circumventing  ....  spidey senses think this could be connected as we have not been circumventing anything



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