automatically load table content to campaigns

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I want to update a campaign every week automatically with a report in table form that is emailed to me. The report is sent in mhtml format by email, though can also be sent as Image or pdf files and stored at a url. Previously I sent the report by power flow/automate to a list of contacts. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hello @eddiejoyride ,


There isn't really anything we have available that'd automatically import an element of an email you receive, and then send that to your contacts. Ultimately it'll require manual setup. The most straightforward method would be to create an email (or copy from a master template), add the PDF or image of your report, then schedule/send that email with the report to your contacts.


I do definitely suggest setting up a master template of what you want to be regularly sending though. That way when a new report comes in, you just have to copy the master, replace the previous PDF link / image, then send it.


See also:

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