create reusable modules?

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Hi all, is there a way to create a piece of an email that can be added in automatically to my main email? I send emails every day. I have certain content that needs to be added every single week, but only once per week and monthly reusable content as well. I have 20 or so such "modules". Maybe some kind of placeholder that I can link to modules/blocks and say "block 1 goes here on Mondays" "block 2 on tuesdays", "block 15 third wednesday of every month", etc? Thanks!

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Hello @YCRE ,


There is not currently a feature to save custom blocks within the email editor, at this time.


If you know how to create emails and blocks from HTML, then I'd advise using the custom code editor for copy-paste functionality of email parts.


Otherwise, if you're using the regular email builder, I'd advise setting up reusable templates with the layouts you want for particular days, events, etc. and then creating emails from those. Or you can make a singular reusable template that has all of your "modules," and you can simply delete the ones you don't need when you copy or create an email from it.

William A
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