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How do I make the new "Write with AI" button go away on the Text toolbar?! I don't need it, and I don't want it. I want to see the trash can for easily deleting things. With the new button, I now have to scroll to get to the trash can button. And no ... changing my screen magnification won't work ... I need to be able to see the screen too.  

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Hello @CarolR ,


I'm able to see the formatting bar in full when I check your account, however I do have the screen set to the standard 100% view. When I zoom in a couple times to 125%, it requires side-scrolling. When I've zoomed in further, that's when our toolbar's default functionality to shorten itself with a 3-dot menu triggers. I've tracked the ability to customize the toolbar to your account, so if and when there's an update to this capability, you'll be notified directly.


In the meantime, the only workaround available would be to slightly reduce (CTRL - on PCs, CMD - on Macs) or increase (CTRL + on PCs, CMD + on Macs) the zoom you currently have on your browser if you cannot fit the full formatting bar on your screen. Zooming larger will cause the formatting bar to  


100% view:

format bar.png


125% view:

125 view.png


150% view:

150 view.png


Depending on your screen size and your device's display / resolution settings, your zoom numbers may differ. The reason I mention the additional zoom percentages is that if you're unable to work with the smaller size of the "default" view on a browser, you can zoom in high enough to trigger the 3-dot compression of the format menu, so the delete button does not require scrolling. 

William A
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