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Is there a format for phone numbers to be uploaded to constant contact with my email contact uploads> With a 1 (US country code) or mixed numbers with a 1 and without and/or spaces between numbers or using dashes? Do they allhave to be the same format when uploaded?
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Hello @BobW97 ,


From our article on formatting numbers and dates for contact imports:

Accepted Formats:

+11231231234   +1 123-123-1234
(123) 123-1234   +1 123-123-1234
1 (123) 123-1234  00 1 123-123 1234
+1 (123) 123-1234  


Important: At this time, SMS through Constant Contact isn’t available to use with phone numbers outside the US and Puerto Rico, and they won’t be imported.


See also:

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