Social media is a great place to engage with your audience, but also grow your audience. 

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In today's world, social media has a huge impact on the success of businesses and organizations.

That's why it's so important that you build a strong presence across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Here are some cool facts about social media. According to Marketing Sherpa, eighty five percent of consumers within the United States are regular social media users, with fifty eight percent of those using social media to connect with brands and businesses.

According to a recent Forbes study, seventy eight percent of consumers purchases are impacted by company's social media posts.

That's why it's crucial for your business to be available on all of the top platforms as well. Marketing your business across the top social media platforms can take up a lot of time though.

Jumping back and forth between the platforms can easily consume a good chunk of your day if you're not careful.

That's why we've been working hard to make it easy for you to bring your social media work into Constant Contact. So both pieces of your marketing can work together.

With Constant Contact, you can now create posts, across multiple networks, in one easy to use flow.

You can create posts for the different platforms.

And even schedule them out in advance when you have some downtime.

Making posts is only half of the picture though. Engaging with your Facebook and Instagram audience is another huge piece of social media marketing and building your brand.

Once you connect your business account. You can use our social inbox to see and respond to all mentions and messages, as well as comments made to posts, even those you didn't do in Constant Contact, all in one place.

So you can finish up that email you've been working on, and switch to your social tab to spend time engaging with your social media connections.

Try it free today. With Constant Contact.

Why should I use social ads?


The benefit of a social ad is that it will spread your message/promotion to a wider audience, including people who aren’t already engaging with your content (though might potentially be interested). Whereas if you just share your emails or events to your social media channels, only those already following you will see them.


It will curate a prospective audience based on data with your existing contact list or a custom audience based on desired demographic details such as gender, age, country, specific location, or interests.


You set a budget that works for you (assuming it is at least $1.00 USD a day) and how long you want to run the ad. Facebook will have to review your ad to make sure it meets their content policy. Social Media 


Once your ad has been running for a little bit, make sure to review the reporting.


Whether your ad is running well or you might want to tweak it to see if the engagement improves, you can always edit an active social ad.


How to Connect and Manage Your Social Media in Constant Contact [February, Multiple Dates Available]


On the same wavelength, if you’ve surpassed your goals or aren’t happy with the performance of the ad, you can always unpublish the social ad.


We cover this topic more in-depth in our Utilize Best Practices for Ads & Lead Ads article on our Broaden Your Marketing Mix hub.

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