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I send out a newsletter three or four times a year.  One of my readers suggested I put a date or time of the year (Spring, Fall, etc.) on each newsletter so that when  they make a hard copy, they know when it came out.  I need some advice as to where to put this and how.  Thanks.

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Hello @LindaT554 ,


I'd suggest including this as just a standard part of your email's body. For example, you could just insert a text block at the top of your email, and add the season or send date in either the left corner, right corner, or center. Some examples of how you could set this up would be:


Two text blocks beside each other, one left-aligned, one right-aligned


Screenshot 2021-10-07 141114.jpg


a single text block, right-aligned

Screenshot 2021-10-07 141149.jpg


or something visually similar. You could also add this to the bottom of your newsletter as part of a built-in footer with contact info, or any other number of ways. However the most common is generally at the top of a newsletter.


William A
Community & Social Media Support