Math equations

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Hello, thank you for reading this post. I am using Constant Contact for newsletters, and have the thought to expand to reach specifically math and stats students at our college.  These newsletters might include math equations like you could get from MathType.  I wonder if somebody has already tried something like this and what guidance they might offer.  I would love to create a newsletter that showcased student projects, had some math articles and solved problems, and more.


I suppose another track would be to create a document that has equations and then to embed into Constant Contact, so I'll play with that as well.


Thanks for considering, and hope you create a wonderful day,



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Hello Halsey / @SRC-at-SCC ,


I think this is a really neat idea! Are you mostly wondering how to get all of the math notation into the text of your newsletter itself? I do think you'll run into some trouble getting the formatting correct in plain text. If you are using a different software like MathType to write the equations, you could try taking a screenshot and inserting them as images into your newsletter for the most control over the display.


As you mentioned, you could also link to a document or external website that has the equations. Could you use a website like WolframAlpha to link off to the solutions perhaps?