Customer Spotlight: Dear Handmade Life


For most people, a creative outlet like crafting, drawing, or designing is simply a great way to blow off steam after a hard day’s work. For Dear Handmade Life CEO and Creative Director Nicole Stevenson, creativity became the heart and soul of her business.


We’re thrilled to dive deeper into the story of Dear Handmade Life  and how Nicole leverages the power of list growth tools to reach the thousands of passionate small-business creatives who turn to her team for help growing their businesses. Founded in 2007, Dear Handmade Life’s purpose is to create a community that connects and elevates creatives and crafters who want to take their small-shops to the next level. Through a series of annual live events, educational podcasts and blogs, and a thriving virtual community, Dear Handmade Life has become a go-to resource for all things creative-small-business in the eyes of crafters around the world.


With so many touch points and opportunities to expose the Dear Handmade Life brand and mission to droves of new creatives, how does Nicole make sure to capture (and properly segment) their interest and contact information? The answer: list growth and list segmentation tools.




Here’s an example that Nicole shared on our recent customer panel, You Grow Girl - Candid Conversations with Women-Owned Businesses: Using a cross-channel marketing approach, Nicole and team hosted their series on social media, notified customers via email, and utilized signup form landing pages and list segmentation features to gather RSVPs from attendees. This then enabled them to provide targeted reminders and additional information to the people who had expressed interest in Marketing Mondays.





Using the landing page builder, Nicole was able to quickly put together a branded sign-up form that felt authentic to her business and allowed her contacts to RSVP to attend Marketing Mondays. After including an invitation to the series in her newsletter and social profiles, Nicole had over 150 visitors to the landing page, 76 RSVPs and over 20 new contacts added! Nicole took it a step further and segmented her list when creating this landing page so all signups were added to her “Marketing Mondays” email list. 


From there, Nicole’s team sent a targeted day-before reminder email to the Marketing Mondays RSVP list instead of her entire contact database. With that approach, Dear Handmade Life ensured a boost of attendance for the Marketing Mondays series while excluding customers who signaled that they weren’t as interested. By using a smart mix of marketing channels and delivering crucial messages to clearly defined groups, the Dear Handmade Life team grew their list and ensured that the right people received the right message at the right time.





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