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To-do in this article:

 Verify your email address


Why you should verify your email address


Email addresses must be verified in your account before using them in your account for things like the From: address on any outgoing email or to receive important communications from us. After signing up for your account, you should receive an email from us for verification. Simply click the link to confirm and you’re good to go!




There are no limits on the number of addresses you can verify and they can be switched out as needed. Verified addresses can be used as the main account email, as the billing contact, as the From: and Reply-to: addresses for a campaign, to receive Early Results notifications, and to receive the Subscriber Activity report.


Some things to keep in mind:

  • We strongly recommend not verifying a role or group address (such as When the verification email is sent to a role address, there can be difficulty with completing the verification process. If a role address is used as the contact or billing email, you run the risk of a recipient seeing information they may not be privy to view. 
  • We recommend you use an address that represents your business domain or a personal email address. This helps with deliverability and appears more professional in the inbox.


Once your email is verified, it’s time to build out the rest of your account!

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