To-do in this article: 

 Assign your main contact email address 

 Assign your billing email address

 Change or update your payment method

 Confirm your organization details


Why it is important to confirm your account information


After you have verified an email address, you can set it as your main contact email address and account billing email address. If desired, you can set them up to have different email addresses to ensure the communications are going to the right person.




Speaking of billing, this is also the best time to change or update your payment method. This information can be updated at any time, but it’s important to have it correct right from the start to avoid having your account put on hold. Of course, if you’re still in the trial period, you’ll complete this step when you pick which plan is best for you.



Before sending your first email, you’ll want to confirm your organization details, including your company name and physical address. These appear in the footer of your email and are required under the CAN-SPAM ACT for all commercial emails.



You’ll want to make sure your profile details are accurate and easy to remember since these are used when contacting our Support team as an added level of security.


After your account details are set, you can get to some of the fun stuff like filling out your business details!

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