Church E-newsletter Feedback Requested



This is the latest edition of our church's email newsletter from.  It goes out once a week and is a combination of announcing events and highlighting pictures from previous events.   I'm looking for feedback on how to make it look more appealing.  We don't have a strong brand at the moment and are looking at having the logo redesigned.   Thank you!

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Hi @COSAdministrator!  Thanks for sharing your template with us! 


Looking this over, I can see you have a ton of information to cover! I like how each topic is easy to identify because you have really well defined dividers between them. I also think the way you've ordered each section flows nicely. You're most of the way there! If I can make one suggestion about the look, I think it would be to experiment with some of our templates.  If you search "faith" or "religious" in our template picker, you'll find several templates that are designed with multiple sections in mind.  All of the placeholder images, background images, and colors can be replaced, so you really want to look at the style of the sections. (Clicking the preview icon will show you the full design before you select it!) The sections can be copied and used multiple times in your email, pretty similarly to how you're already doing it. Using the templates just frees you up from having to figure out the style and the content.

A few templates that stand out to me are "Community News" because it's designed to look like a bulletin board, "Inspiration" because it has a nice header image while you're figuring out your branding, and "Christmas" because it has a styled feature block that you can use to make your top announcements stand out.  Here are some examples:




Hope this helps! Let us know which one you try - we'd love to see what you come up with.  

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