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Hi Constant Contact, 


I am a new team member at NATCO. I just took the email marketing webinar, and really enjoyed it. I am happy to see you have a feeback option. I have a couple emails I would love feedback. NATCO sends alot of the same type of emails. I would like to modernize and make the email campaigns more exciting.


Thank you for your feed back. 


Webinar Series Campaign:


Registration Email Campaign:

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Hi @user76697,


I hope things are going well in your new role! And thank you for sharing these email campaigns. Overall, I appreciate that your emails are short and have a specific goal in mind.


I'll start with the webinar series email and I'll try to format my observations in bullet form to make it easier to read:


1) I think it could go either way, but my preference would be to see a dedicated logo at the top independent of the words "Webinar Series." It should also be clickable to your website. "Webinar Series" could be added below in a "Section heading" layout block.


2) Colors and branding - I looked at the website and the colors used in the email template aren't reflective of your brand colors. There are a lot in play on the website, but if you narrow it down it's basically white and dark blue. I'd try to use those colors in the template. The section headers could be the dark blue with white text and the text blocks could be black text on white background. If you were to use a background color, I might suggest keeping it white or maybe grey. Check out our BrandKit feature, it might make it easier for you!


3) I'd use a button block for "Register Here" at the bottom. Actually, I'd also move the registration button further up. Especially when the email is about taking a very specific call to action. For example, maybe put it after the second paragraph under Self-Care Strategies but above the Speaker Information.


4) Speaking of (I can't help myself), I might suggest trying to format the Speaker Information so that it all right aligns next to the image. And if this person is a regular speaker or you can get access to another photo of them speaking to the crowd, maybe include that to spice up the email more.


5) I'd also maybe update the business/social info at the bottom to reflect the way it looks at the bottom of the website, if possible (you don't need to repeat the logo).


I think a lot of this advice is applicable to the registration email campaign, as well. Consistent branding, include a more dynamic looking image, and put the main call-to-action towards the top of the email. I think it's just a few relatively minor tweaks that will help them pop more. If this advice is helpful to you (and even if it's not), please don't hesitate to come back and share any edits you make so we can see how the campaigns evolve!

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