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I would love for someone to review all parts of my newsletter and give feedback. Any honest opinion would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @JolisaG,


Thank you for sharing your email. I have to admit, the second I opened it and saw the Office Space reference I laughed out loud. Your logo is right at the top and clickable to your website, so that's a plus!


My immediate reaction is the email is very dark. I looked at your website and the three main colors are black, white, and lavender (or some kind of purple). And it's much more white, using black and purple for accents, buttons, and headers. I would try and replicate that in the email template, as well. I'm also not a fan of the dotted, black background. It doesn't appear on your website in any fashion that I can see. But that could be a personal preference.


Beneath the greeting tag, you underline "can work in your favor." I clicked on it, thinking it was a link but it's not. I think when it comes to emails and internet pages, in general, anything that's underlined is often seen as a hyperlink.


Some other observations:


1) In the "Our Mastering Debt Video" section, you could use a video block to display an image of the video that's clickable. It creates more visual interest.


2) There's a few links to different Instagram videos. Likewise, maybe you could group the Instagram videos together in their own section with a single image and then hyperlinks to each one. Actually, I think there's three, so you could even use the "three column" layout and have an image for each one, the description below each image, and the hyperlink.


3) This might be an industry-necessity, so please correct me if I'm wrong. But there's a lot legal text below the contact information that also repeats your social media icons. Is this copy necessary when sending emails to your contacts? Is it represented somewhere on your website like a dedicated T&C or privacy policy page that you could just link back to? If that's an option, I recommend it!


I'm still chuckling at the Office Space meme, though. I can understand that some people might find financial matters to be a bit dry, so I like that you utilize Instagram and fun imagery to make it more personable and fun! If I think of anything else, I'll hop back in!

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