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Any feedback is appreciated

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Hi @GeorgiBG, happy to take a look for you!



  1. The email is well-organized with clear sections for different types of information. ✔️
  2. The personal message from President Rick Sargent adds a relatable element. ✔️
  3. The availability of member services and contact details are prominently displayed. ✔️


  1.  In the "How Does it Work?" Section. I'd recommend adding a screencap of the video and hyperlinking the image to the video.

    1. Capture.PNG
  2. Apply larger headings, subheadings, and bullet points to create a stronger visual hierarchy to guide the reader through the email.
  3. Make sure images are of high quality and clickable. Add alt-text to improve accessibility

These are just a couple of recommendations for you, and congratulations on 20 years! 🎉


Hope this helps!

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Community Coach

Hi @GeorgiBG 

Great job on your email! I agree with the feedback provided by @Chris-S

I might also add the following suggestions:

1. Link your images. Measuring CTR (click thru rate) is important and provides valuable data about our readers. (Pro tip: link your logo to your primary CTA--call to action--you might be surprised how many readers click on the logo!)

2. I love that you're asking for reviews! I recommend linking directly to your Google Business Profile page. Google reviews are powerful social proof!


Keep up the good work!



Melanie Diehl

Melanie & co Marketing Collective

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Note: I am not a Constant Contact employee.

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