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Fall Into The Holidays Sweepstakes!


The sweepstakes is now closed! Thank you so much for everyone who participated and shared their insights. We really appreciate it. We will be randomly selecting a winner soon!


Fall Into The Holidays!


It’s hard to believe the holidays are fast approaching! It’s the time of year where most businesses and nonprofits are rolling out the red carpet for their patrons. But with so many organizations vying for attention, how does one rise above the rest? That’s what we’re here to find out!


Well, at Constant Contact we have some ideas, but we’d rather hear from our illustrious small business owners and nonprofit organizers! Which is why we are back again with another excellent sweepstakes to entice our lovely Community members to share what their marketing goals are for the next couple of months! 


How to Enter: Reply on this Community article with an anecdote about what your goals and strategies are to produce a successful winter holiday business season! For example, you can share:


  • Email template design ideas
  • Subject line ideas
  • Communication frequency
  • Holidays you will focus your marketing efforts around (Black Friday, anyone?)
  • Contact collection strategies


These suggestions aren’t exhaustive! They are just some ideas to get the ol’ brainstorm raging.


If you’re in need of some inspiration, or some assistance, don’t hesitate to check out all the awesome services our Professional Services (it’s in the name!) team offer! For example, they offer animated template packs, premium template design, and more!

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What is the prize? We are offering up a $100 credit on your Constant Contact account!


The sweepstakes will run from October 22, 2021 to November 19, 2021. Once completed, we will select a winner for each prize at random and notify them!


If you are the winner we will notify you by the contact email address listed on your Constant Contact account, so make sure it is up-to-date! Thank you.


Questions? Let us know below!




*No Purchase Necessary. The Constant Contact Community Fall Into The Holidays is open to legal residents of the 50 United States (and D.C), 18 years or older. For Official Rules, visit here. Promotion ends on November 19, 2021 at 11:59 PM ET. The Sweepstakes is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Khoros, Pinterest, or Twitter.

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The majority of the people we market to are K-12 teachers.  Due to the extensive pressures that teachers are experiencing now, we are mainly over the holidays going to send out messages regarding self care and "we are there for you" messages.


Our company is struggling with shipping and supply- just like everyone else. So our goal for 2021 was more brand awareness and communicating with our clients via email and social media. All, of course, use the Constant Contact platform. 


We communicated issues with stock, shipping, and the unfortunate increase in prices through an email from the company's owner. But we decided to have a little fun with the situation by "creatively" communicating with our clients. First, with a letter to Santa and his elves, then with follow-up letter exchanges. It's a bit hokey but has been well-received so far! Here is the first post. 


The Holidays are almost here!.png


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LOTS & LOTS of more contact, emails, calls & snail mail. Trying everything to keep connected. 

Campaign Contributor
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We are using this time to offer what we have in Stock, to be able to make a longer-lasting customer. Using the Holliday push to help that.. With the crazy prices right now when the shipments stabilize they will not be happy customers for the longer run.. 


Writers Who Care is trying to reach the world one book at a time. Four writers have pooled their resources and talents to generate interest again in reading! Constant Contact has given us a great template idea that gives a face with a name and we submit an Enewsletter once a week. We are currently focusing on our latest book, "Hell No I Don't Remember. I Have Alzheimer's!" Our subject matter varies from identifying the signs to finding the right place. Subject lines include "Is there a pill for Alzheimer's?" and "The Power of a Song" featuring Tony Bennett.  We have decided to issue a newsletter once a week but will entertain twice a month if we don't have more response. For the holidays, we will focus on gift ideas and family gatherings with an Alzheimer's family member. 


We continue to seek  new and exciting ways to build a contact list and welcome any webinars and/or feedback we can get. It's an interesting endeavor that has reaped that much financial success; but has definitely reaped benefits of the most surprising kind. Our motto: "Persevere!"  Writers Who Care


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For communications, keeping up to date email addresses is important, so to offer update opportunities for email addresses is key, upon each contact. 

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I'm in direct sales of crafting supplies and my customers generally buy for themselves. During the holidays, most people are buying for others so I promote Christmas Wish Lists for my customers to fill out and share. They are linked with my website and gift card opportunities so that gift givers can buy from a specific wish list or just give gift cards redeemable through me directly. It works well for me!

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We are brand new to Constant Contact.  As a Methodist church we are hoping to reach out to our members and people in the community to keep them updated on all of our missions and ministry opportunities.  We want to provide this in a fresh, new format so it is more appealing.

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As a retail biz for companies that do a lot of man work outside, we are planning a Holiday sale on winter gear starting on Thanksgiving until New Years Day.  We also plan to take advantage of the NiftGift through constant contact to thank all of our customers for choosing to purchase from our store.

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I work at a Y camp and this year will be the first Time that as a Camp we will be doing our own Fundraiser.  It has been crazy trying to organize it.  I am in just the first stages if it along with all the other fundraisers that we do at the maim YMCA's that I help with.  We did not run camp in 2020 and could only run at 80% this year and had to cancel our last 2 weeks.  We are hoping our fundraiser will help with some programs at camp.

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Our goals for this holiday season are to create content in our emails that cause a response...emotional, physical...and lead our viewers to take action.  As a non-profit, we are sharing the love of Jesus and pray that our communications provide that and can be shared or inspire someone to act in a way that makes a positive impact on our community.

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While we are not a business, we are a city government, we offer services and we feel people need service with a smile more than ever today. We will just keep doing what we do and try harder than ever, and keep distributing our eNewsletter on-time each and every week with Constant Contact and provide our residents and businesses with information they need and want. :smileyface: 

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How do I add falling snow to background of a newsletter? 


a good way for finding new contacts for realty at least is to still connect and communicate with old clients because half the time they become clients again or recommend more clients based on how well we stayed in contact with them. Constant Contact keeps us in communication and helps find future clients through past ones.

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We are looking at different content to put in emails and different ways of phrasing things in order to encourage people to open and read our emails. We're also learning what days and times people are more likely to open an email without the clutter of other emails.  

Campaign Collaborator
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We're an estate planning law firm, so I just sent out a newsletter with resources for caregivers, and a reminder that the office will be closed on Thursday and Friday. Most of our communication is just keeping in touch with clients, sharing office info, resources, helpful tips, etc.

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As a nonprofit that supports veterans and first responders, we use our Lighten the Load mission to bring holiday cheer and support that many won't ask for, but can really use. Though our focus is on stopping suicides, we are also focused on family and the relationships that are affected by those who have come home from serving our country or communities with that dreadful, deadly enemy hanging over their hearts and heads.  We focus on this during our Facebook live weekly show, called We Got Your 6@6 Patriot Playtime. It was initially just a way for our volunteers to communicate during the beginning stages of covid, but it has grown into a platform for other nonprofits with the same goals as us to share their experience and knowledge.  We have a veteran or first responder musician on every week as well, and it has led to an amazing network of friends and contacts that all have the same mission in mind. 

Constant Contact Partner
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This holiday season, we are planning on using the custom holiday templates we've purchased, to help spread holiday cheer and get people ramped up for the new year quickly approaching. We want to incorporate success stories from this past year, share any holiday event photos, and highlight the good times!


To us, a successful winter holiday business season is one where our clients feel appreciated, heard, and cared for. To us, dollars are not everything, but our clients' trust and faith in us is everything.


We aren't going to give you some sugar-coated (or cookie) response, or act like we have this huge strategy in place to try to obtain more sales. At the end of the day, to us, a successful holiday season is one where everyone feels like community. 💌

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