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I am in the webinar training right now and would like some feedback on how I might improve my campaigns as an educational nonprofit. Is this aesthetically pleasing, is this encouraging click throughs, where could you see improvement? 


A general email we send weekly:

Goals for this: keep our audience engaged, have people register


A email about a specific opportunity: 

- Goals for this: have people learn about the event, have them register

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Hi @RachelA545. Thanks for coming over from the webinar! We're excited to have you here. I like how you have different emails for different goals instead of having one large email that covers multiple topics.


Feedback for the first email:

I love the usage of your branding. Orange can be an overwhelming color but you have a nice balance by incorporating white into the sections and using softer images. You mentioned one of the goals of this email is to keep people "engaged." I think there's an opportunity here for different kinds of engagement beyond only promoting your upcoming events. I like the piece at the beginning that discusses a new series you're offering and points people toward listening to a podcast. It's a low-effort click for them without feeling as if they need to commit to something. I recommend including more of these sections in future emails. I looked at your Facebook page and saw a video about a recent event you had. You can reuse that content and share the photo link in case your contacts weren't able to attend. It's also recommended to keep the body text size between 14-16pt.


Feedback for the second email:

You hit the goal perfectly by concentrating on one event. I liked the area with quotes from past participants and the simple buttons that bring them to the registration pages. I'd adjust the layout of the email by bringing the description of the event and learning outcomes to the top below the video. This way, your contacts will learn more about the Summer Academy and educate themselves before they are ready to register. You'll have one button at the bottom with the call to register.


Overall, these are great-looking templates! I can tell there was a lot of work that was put into them.


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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