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Here are two of our monthly newsletters. Let me know your thoughts! Thank you!


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Thanks for sharing the pictures. This was helpful to me. I struggle with having too many words, but I'm really working on it. I understand and appreciate why there is so much great information, but I'm finding my audience at least will look at something with a lot of words and just close it. Sad, but true. I thought it looked great and for someone championing the mission - this would be so helpful. They just have to be passionate enough to read all the great information. 

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The first newsletters intro sets a happy tone for summer activities, but it could use a friendly greeting to make it more welcoming.


Make sure all fonts are the same size and style for a cohesive look. Some sections have smaller text, which can mess up the flow of reading. The pictures and links in each section are great. Just double-check that all links work and take readers to the right pages.


Here are some highlights:

- Events: the descriptions of the Splash Pad, City Council meetings, and public hearings are detailed and interesting. Maybe add a call-to-action for people to join or help out.

- Community Grants: the info is clear and helpful. Put the deadline in bold so people don't miss it.

- Public Meetings and Utility Rate Adjustments: these are explained well. Maybe start with a quick summary to make it easier to read.


Overall, the newsletter is full of useful info for the community. A few small changes can make it even better. :clappinghands:

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Hi @user345024! Thanks for joining us.


This is a very well put together newsletter that highlights all the happenings in Sisters and informs the public of updates and ongoing city projects.


I'm not sure if you had any goals set for the newsletters outside of being informational but I'd recommend highlighting projects the community can get involved in. It looks like you had a great turnout for the Arbor Day event. Are there any summer volunteering events for families?


Going off of that, you may want to consider having a dedicated section of your newsletter for upcoming events. The event blocks seemed to be sprinkled around and I lost track of them.


Make sure that logo is linked to your website too!


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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