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Link to May's Newsletter:


Hi, we are looking for feedback on our nonprofit's monthly newsletter. The goal of the newsletter is to inform our community of what we have accomplished, how the community has been helped, our upcoming events, joining volunteer or donor groups, etc. It is an overall community-focused newsletter. Feedback on the layout, design, images, fonts, links, buttons, CTA, header, copy, and sections would be great.


Thank you for the help!

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Hey @user2801083, thanks for sharing your newsletter with us. Always happy to help a nonprofit whenever I'm able to.



  1. Content: the newsletter covers a wide range of topics including events, volunteer opportunities, and highlights. ✔️
  2. Visuals: effective use of images to illustrate events and activities. ✔️
  3. Clear CTAs: buttons and links are prominently placed, guiding readers to take action. ✔️



Suggestions for Improvement:

  • Content is well-structured but can feel cluttered.
    • Suggestion: Use more white space and clear section dividers to enhance readability.
  • The copy is very informative, sometimes overwhelming.
    • Suggestion: Break up large blocks of text with bullet points or short paragraphs.
  • The font is readable but lacks variety.
    • Suggestion: Use a combination of 2-3 fonts to create visual interest. Ensure the body text is easily readable (14-16 pt).


Overall, I enjoyed the structure and content of the newsletter. There is lot's of relevant information from how the community has helped, upcoming events, and more. Hope this helps! 😃


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Community Coach

Your layout is clean, and I love that you are using buttons for your CTAs. You make good use of visuals and keep a good text to image ratio. I think you are off to a really good start. However, your email is looooong. I would imagine that not many people actually read the whole thing and might not even scroll through it all to see all of the content. Would sending shorter emails more frequently be possible for you? Here's a little bit of information about the best length for an email. 

Tracey Lee Davis

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