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Newsletter for teachers


Hi, Is my newsletter too text-heavy? Does the layout and size of pictures make sense? Or should I do more of a pattern?


Thank you for your help. The webinar I attended was very informative and practical. 


Veronica Reed

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Hi @VeronicaR092,


I'm glad the webinar was useful for you! Thank you for sharing your email with us, too.


I wouldn't say it's text-heavy, per se. It does have a lot of images interspersed throughout that breaks up monotony. It's just a long email. If you look at my replies to some other users, I share similar advice. If you have access to the heat map feature, try seeing where people are clicking in your email. Also, check out this article on developing engaging newsletters. Newsletter don't have to be long, they just need to be focused. Is everything in the email relevant to all the contacts that its being sent to? Maybe it can be broken up into multiple email campaigns that serve different purposes.


One thing I do like is that every section is clearly defined with the header inside a colored banner. I would try to stick to 1-3 branding colors (looking at your website I see blue, red, and white), though. I can see the temptation for using green in the section with the MassCUE Spring Conference, and maybe if the email was only focused on that, it's okay to break from tradition to try and draw attention to something different, but there are multiple sections with different colored header banners. Maybe the header banner color can be consistent with other sections, but keep the call-to-action button green so it still sticks out.


I also like at the bottom that you have a well-organized directory/contact section where people can find you and your other social channels. If I think of anything else, I'll jump back in!

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 Hi Nick,

Thank you so much for this feedback! I really appreciate that you gave me things to think about/change, but also told me things that I should keep doing. Thanks again!


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